Zabiegi chirurgiczne - klinika dentystyczna Froe

Surgical Treatmentsval

Tooth extraction may have different causes. It always takes place under anaesthesia ...

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Periodontologia - klinika dentystyczna Froe


Periodontosis, often called parodontosis, is an illness, inflammatory condition of the ...

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Stomatologia zachowawcza - klinika dentystyczna Froe

Preservative Stomatology

Preservative stomatology with endodontics is the branch of dentistry devoted to ...

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Stomatologia estetyczna - klinika dentystyczna Froe

Aesthetic Stomatology

Bleaching is a method of whitening disoloured teeth. Discoloration can be of external ...

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Protetyka - klinika dentystyczna Froe


Veeners are very thin cover plates that are applied on external surfaces, most often of ...

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Ortodoncja - klinika dentystyczna Froe


Decision about undertaking orthodontic treatment is influenced not only by ...

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Diagnostyka RTG - klinika dentystyczna Froe

X-Ray Diagnostics

The X-ray pictures are very important elements of modern dentist's diagnostics ...

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Profilaktyka - klinika dentystyczna Froe


Accurate and regular cleaning of teeth prevents dental caries and inflammatory ...

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