Whitening (Bleaching)

Bleaching is a method of whitening disoloured teeth.

Discoloration can be of external origin (bacterial plaque, dental calculus) or internal origin, created, e.g. as a result of decay of the tooth's pulp and past canal treatment.External discoloration is removed using instruments and devices developed for this purpose.

Good effect results from the application of air–flows. Internal discoloration can be removed both singularly as well as in a larger quantity of teeth. Rails adjusted to patients' dentition are often applied and filled with gel. It is best to apply such treatment in medical practice, under control of a doctor. It lasts a few dozen minutes.

An excellent effects are the result of using "Beyond" teeth whitening lamps. After 3x 7–15 min sessions, depending on the initial colour of teeth, an excellent effect is obtained within one visit.