Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner is an innovative, non-invasive method of orthodontic treatment, designed especially for adults. In many cases it may be an alternative treatment by means of permanent and mobile apparatuses. Clear Aligner are colorless, transparent overlays that straighten teeth. The overlays are invisible, painless and biocompatible, which provides high comfort of usage. This method is similar to INVISALIGN method known worldwide (trade Mark).

The therapy with the use of Clear Aligner is conducted strictly according to doctor's recommendations, under total control of an orthodontist, not computers. The therapy is applied in the cases of small and medium defects, small crowding of teeth, incisor rotations, relapses of defects after permanent dental braces treatments. The quantity of overlays in series and making of additional control models is fixed individually for each case. Normally the patient receives 3 overlays on one arch. Such treatment lasts several months (3-4 weeks for every overlay).

Advantages for patients:

  • The overlays are marginally visible on teeth.
  • Comfort - wearing overlays is a convenient and painless treatment, what is more, the treatment is possible without using wires and metal.
  • The overlays are removable during washing and eating, which guarantees preservation of very good hygiene
  • Effectiveness - the method is clinically verified, and the time of treatment is minimal.

How does the treatment look like:

  1. The consultation visit at the orthodontist. The orthodontist verifies occlusion conditions and then you should ask whether your defect can be treated with Clear Aligner method.
  2. Taking working impressions.
  3. Production of the first phase of overlays.
  4. Treatment
  5. Retention after reaching final results of treatment - the patient wears the last overlays as the stabilizers of treatment effects.