The notion of curettage is understood as cleaning and smoothening of teeth roots conducted by means of special instruments.

It is a method of treatment applied in inflammatory conditions of the parodontium. The least invasive treatment option of this condition is closed curettage. Under the local anaesthesia, using manual and machine instruments, e.g. ultrasounds, dental calculus and plaque from dental sockets and accessible root surfaces are removed very thoroughly. Roots are cleaned and smoothed.

If this method does not provide the effect, it is necessary to proceed to open curettage. Using a scalpel one releases and detaches the gum from teeth roots. At the same time, the depth of the socket must be taken into account. Under direct control of the eyesight it is possible to remove the subgingival bacterial plaque, concrements and endoxines. This treatment is quite invasive and may lead to postoperative pain and oedemas.