Tooth extraction - removal

Tooth extraction may have different causes. It always takes place under anaesthesia and using forceps or elevator, thanks to which the surgical treatment does not have to be conducted. If the tooth or roots are very heavily destroyed, it is needed to reach the tooth through gum incision and detachment and remove it in this way.

The reasons for extraction of milk teeth:

  • accident (e.g. on a bike)
  • abscesses
  • deep caries reaching down to the root,
  • root fracture
  • in the course of orthodontic treatment,
  • due to lack of place for permanent teeth deep caries,
  • reaching many millimeters below the edge of the gum root
  • canal treated teeth or after the apex resection
  • roots causing constant trouble
  • root fracture
  • root perforations during root canal treatment
  • unerupted teeth (most often wisdom teeth)
  • tumours–most often neoplasms, cysts
  • jaw fracture, if there is a tooth in the fracture crack
  • supernumerary teeth
  • bone atrophy

Before each extraction an X-Ray should be made. One should wait with tooth removal, if the patient is directly after a heart attack, during chemo—, radiotherapy or if he or she takes blood diluting drugs.

Complications related to tooth extraction:

  • tooth crown or root fracture
  • extraction bleeding
  • dry tooth socket (the bone is uncovered and does not heal)
  • oedema
  • pains
  • opening of maxillary sinuses